Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Latest fiction manuscript off to the publisher

Sent my latest short-story manuscript off to the publisher this morning. The publisher is reviewing the manuscript to see if it merits publication. After reading each story 20 times looking for continuity breaks and sneaky typos and awkward punctuation, I have my doubts about its readability.

But who can tell? I would reveal the name of the publishing house but that could spell doom. So many things can curse a manuscript. Talking about it before it's finished. Talking about it on your blog. Reading it aloud to your spouse or other loved one. Reading it while drunk. Not writing it in the first place.

If you feel compelled to read one of my previously published stories, you can go here or here. Alas, you'll have to buy a book. To read one of my essays in a new anthology, go here. And feel free to read anything on hummingbirdminds. A little bit of snark, some humor, ruminations on the state of our disunion, and a few videos thrown in for fun.

Wish me luck with my book, dear readers!

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Jeanne said...

I wish you good luck, and give you a pat on the back! Congrats for persevering, for writing, for attempting to publish. Sometimes writing and submitting is hard, sometimes not, but always full of excitement and derring-do! And the waiting begins . . .