Sunday, March 07, 2010

The week in publishing...

Odd week in publishing. Two anthologies that I sent work to four years ago now have found publishers. One focuses on working class writing and will include my short story, "The Problem with Mrs. P" (the story is in my 2006 collection, "The Weight of a Body"). Coffee House Press will release it in the the fall. An essay about rock climbing with my ADHD son will be in another anthology about families and outdoor sports. Writers have to be almost masochistic in their persistence.

I also heard from Liz Jackson at Laramie County Community College that my short-short story, "Flying Nurse," was accepted for publishing in the 2010 High Plains Register. There will be a reading by contributors in late April. I'll keep you posted.

I sent out two new pieces this week. One was another ADHD essay, which I sent to a proposed anthology on the subject by CRT Press. ADHD is such an interesting topic. Researchers are still arguing whether it exists or not. And parents experiencing glorious adventures with their attention-deficit children are left hanging.

The second piece I sent out this week was a short story set in Denver. The city crops up a lot in my fiction. I'm a native and spent the first nine years of my life there. I also lived there 10 years as an adult. Formative years.

If you'd like to read samples of my work, go to my web site at I'm also happy to sell you a book. Just leave a comment below. Or go to Ghost Road Press.

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