Sunday, May 07, 2017

Happy birthday, Anna Marie Hett Shay. I miss you.

Happy birthday to my mom, Anna Marie Hett Shay, who would have been 91 today. Unfortunately, she died from ovarian cancer at 59 in 1986, a year after my son Kevin was born and seven years before our daughter, Anne Marie Shay, was born. In photo, it's just me and mom at our house at 1280 Worchester St. in Aurora, Colo., circa 1952. This is the only photo I have of just the two of us just hanging out. Soon, I would be joined by my brother Dan and then a succession of siblings, as was the Irish-Catholic custom back then.

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RobertP said...


Glad I got to meet your mom on my trips to your house during breaks from college. She certainly passed way too soon.