Monday, May 08, 2017

Happy 35th anniversary, Christine Marie Shay

Chris and I made solemn vows 35 years ago today in Ormond Beach, FL. First, we got married. Second, we vowed to never smush cake in each other's faces. Third, we vowed to toast our good health as often as possible. So far, so good. Happy 35th anniversary to my beautiful wife.


RobertP said...

Happy anniversary Mike and Chris. I was there for the wedding and am pretty sure that tucked away in my memorabilia is a napkin or similar souvenir from this occasion.I will have to go down to the basement to locate it.

Here is to a great couple!


Michael Shay said...

Thanks, Bob. Don't know if we have any memorabilia from the wedding, we have moved so many times. We have photos, of course, and some grainy snapshots back when the world had negatives and print photos. So glad you were there. I remember a great party with all of our friends. said...

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Michael Shay said...
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Michael Shay said...

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