Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wintry mix in Cheyenne for Farmers' Market

Trekked over to the Cheyenne Winter Farmers' Market this morning. It was getting toward lunch and I was hungry for something -- but what?

Chocolate-covered bacon. Please, I'm not Elvis. But I tried some from the guy at Cheyenne's Pioneer Barbecue. It was damn good. I was hungry, so maybe that was the difference. I bought a packet for five bucks. Let's see how it goes with tomorrow's Super Bowl and some New Belgium Ranger IPA.

Cholesterol bombs aside, my goal for today's sojourn were some grass-fed steaks and mushrooms and whatever else might be good for my wife's birthday dinner on Sunday. This is a pre-birthday bash, as her actual date is on Feb. 8. But we're tying it in with the Super Bowl. On her birthday, we'll go to McDonald's. Chris, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding. Really.

I ran into Jeff Tish, a staffer at the Historic Depot who is hard at work on stagecraft for an upcoming play at the WYO Theatre in Sheridan. He also designed the stage for an upcoming show at the Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins. Jeff also co-owns a custom furniture biz in Cheyenne.

I sampled some baked goods at Suzanne's Kitchen and picked up a few mega Bavarian pretzels at the Frank's Famous Kitchen booth. I bought some ribeyes at Meadow Maid in Yoder and cadged some mushrooms from the mushroom guy who lives in a  cave outside Fort Collins. Note to self: recharge my propane tank in the a.m.

I don't always have the dough to shop at the farmers' market. But I think it's important to support local food growers and bakers and artists. I'm learning something, too. Yes, chocolate-covered bacon is not exactly the food you want as poster child for the local food movement. Local broccoli grown in a high tunnel out on the windswept prairie is probably a better choice. But there is artistry involved in making food. I didn't ask the purveyor if the cattle was local and grass-fed. But he came up with the idea and made the darn thing. He's the artist in this equation.

These are fun events. That's what it comes down to. Food and fun.

Next Cheyenne Winter Farmers' Market is on Saturday, March 5. That day, you can get good food and then go over to the Laramie County Public Library for its used book sale. If we're in luck, it might be a good day to read and picnic outside.

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