Sunday, February 06, 2011

Arts and design and kookiness for a good cause: Wabisabi Intergalactic Fashion Show in Moab

For those trekking to Moab this month... This looks like a barrel of fun -- and its all for a good cause:
Each year artists and designers create outrageous theme based-fashion lines that are auctioned off as a fundraiser for Moab’s nonprofit organizations. Fashion designers whose intricate outfits are crafted by hand and only from recycled materials have sold for more than $600. Outfits from previous shows have included gladiators costumed in a kaleidoscope armor made from aluminum cans, dresses glittering with patterns made from smashed mirrors, and a "fur coat" made entirely from kids' stuffed animals. This year’s fashion show theme is "Intergalactic" with each designer creating out of this world wearable art. FMI:

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