Monday, November 22, 2010

Connecting culture and agriculture in rural Wisconsin

Fascinating info and video about the Wormfarm Institute in rural Wisconsin. One of the winners of this year's Wisconsin Governor's Awards in Support of the Arts, residencies at the Wormfarm include 15-18 hours per week of growing and cultivating and harvesting in the institute's vegetable garden. The rest of the time, artists can cultivate their own art. Veggies, fruit and art is sold at Roadside Culture Stands. There's also a gallery in the local town.

FMI: Connecting culture and agriculture

Thanks to The Artful Manager's blog for this.

After watching the video about the Wormfarm produced for the awards, I am in love with this place. Although I am a city boy, I've planted my own veggie gardens in three states since 1974, with time off for various reasons. My Cheyenne, Wyoming, garden has been expanding the past three years. I do not have grandiose plans, but prefer to grow my own because it is fun and the results are so tasty. As a writer, I get ideas while gardening -- and sometimes mull over my latest story while plucking weeds from beneath he tomatoes. I'm now working on a gardening story. Wait, don't run away. It's a very exciting story involving sexual hijinks -- and I'm not just talking about botanical pollination, although that can be very stimulating for gardeners. I'll see where it goes...

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