Sunday, April 04, 2010

More about Jim Corbett, Sanctuary co-founder and "goatwalking" guru

Fie on all writers who introduce me to new people and places and things on a quiet Sunday morning when all I want to do is sip coffee and make snarky Facebook comments.

I just spent the past hour looking up info on Jim Corbett (see previous post). I discovered his 1992 book, "Goatwalking," published by Penguin. I found out that "goatwalking" is now a part of the environmental and social justice worlds. A philosophy, too, one that challenges us to see with "desert eyes." Corbett, alas, had no easy answers. He was a Quaker and a goatwalker and a member of the National Rifle Association until cancer claimed him in 2001.

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And now I have another book to read....

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