Monday, April 05, 2010

A short lesson in "Teabonics"

Prog-bloggers looking for an array of Tea Party protest signs with "creative" spelling and grammar need look no further than Flickr. Pargon has compiled a "Teabonics" sampler at


bigfrank said...

Just got to thank our great education system. They want to dumb down everyone so the great mighty government can tell us what to do. Isnt the education system controled by the unions and the left?

Michael Shay said...

Actually, the education system is controlled by the Texas Textbook Commission which believes that Teddy Roosevelt was a socialist nogoodnik and that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was a damn fine American hero.

bigfrank said...

Sure it is. That is why (age reference) when I was in fourth grade instead of learning Wyoming history like the state outlined we were taught why Reagan should be impeached. The story of my schooling is sad. I have no faith in the public school system for they left me behind and I taught myself. That is why I don’t need the government and their school system that they have to re-haul every 5 years because it is a mess.
You have a problem mentioned also and it is what plagues this country. The fight between the two bankrupted parties is going all the way down into the school system. The school books don't teach the real cause of the civil war and most everything Lincoln did was unconstitutional, they ignore the fact that the same reasons we fought the revolutionary war is what is going on RIGHT NOW. Both parties want the same thing. For the people to depend on the government for their handout and blindly follow.
My point still remains. You laugh at the language and spelling and it is the school system that the government controls in public education that is dumbing down the people. Just like they want.