Saturday, October 03, 2009

Great moments at The Literary Connection

The Literary Connection was held Friday and Saturday at LCCC in Cheyenne. Too lazy to do an actual story about the event so will delve into my notes for some great quotes:

"Writing is an exercise in longing" Quote by Isabel Allende which Laura Pritchett has on her PC.

Laura Prichett: "Every single piece of fiction I've written is set in northern Colorado and Wyoming. Those places are part of my soul."

Pam Houston: "Writing is about surrender to the metaphor. Not wresting control of it but surrender. We have to keep learning this over and over again."

"I'm a sharp observer," said Houston, author of "Cowboys are My Weakness." "I take things and put them together with other remarkable things and make a new thing. I'm like a collagist. I spend a whole lot of time creating raw material and then a lot of time on placement. Everything is moveable."

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