Saturday, October 03, 2009

How much of our money do health insurance execs need want desire?

True Majority wants support in its campaign to fire greedy CEOs. Latest target is the CIGNA CEO, Ed Hanway. I'm all in favor of this, as some of my hard-earned income goes toward Mr. Hanway's purchase of solid gold umbrella stands and other assorted necessities.

Here's the post from True Majority:

To launch this campaign, Stacie Ritter went to confront Cigna CEO Ed Hanway at his Philadelphia mansion. Stacie's twin daughters got cancer when they were just 4 years old, but Cigna is denying them access to a critical drug they need.

So Stacie went right to his front door to demand the medicine her kids need, and deliver a message from other Americans like us that we're sick of Big Insurance pushing us around.

Ed Hanway declined to see Stacie, just like his company is declining to take care of her kids. But Stacie's not giving up, and neither can we.

Next week, we're planning more events with Stacie and other patients that challenge even more CEOs at Big Insurance corporations. Can you help make sure we've got the resources to pull it off? Chip in $35 to support this effort right now.

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I know that sometimes it seems like we're tilting at windmills, but the resignation of [Bank of America CEO] Ken Lewis reminds us that if we keep at it, our voices CAN be heard.

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