Monday, August 17, 2009

Sen. Enzi: If public option in health care plan, I'll hold my breath until I turn blue

Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi, one of Montana Sen. Max Baucus's "Gang of Six," told the Casper Rotary Club today that he remains opposed to any public option in Pres. Obama's health care reform plans.

"As I've said from the beginning, a government-run option is not an option. I voted against the Democrat plan in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee last month and would do so again," Enzi said. "A government-run plan would increase health care costs, lessen service and add to our huge debt. The American people are doing a great job of getting this message across to the Administration and Congress.”

Enzi's been pushing his own 10-point plan for months. As you might guess, it's more of the same stuff we've heard from other Repubs -- and (unfortunately) some Dems.

Without a public option, there is no health care reform.


Leah said...

I'm glad to see what you have written here Mr.Shay. I am part of a group that will be marching for health care for all this Thursday in Gillette, followed by public speeches at Lasting Legacy Park. We have a good diverse group going, including my buddy who runs a CSA farm out of Leiter and a friend of hers who is in fact a Republican. I am married to a coal miner but cannot get on her benefits as our Canadian marriage has no standing here in the Equality State. My most recent work was as a contract wildlife biologist and of course there were no benefits there. Anyway, what Wyoming-centric approach would you suggest I take in addressing this issue with Senator Enzi? He will be part of a panel at the college next Thursday and I hope to attend, with as many allies as I can gather.
Good blog; I shall return!
Peace, Leah

Michael Shay said...

Leah: Sen. Enzi's mind is already made up. He won't vote for a plan with a public option. He wants to slow down the legislative process. But he and his staff listen to constituents. It may not seem like it on this issue, but they do. Tell him your story. You live in his hometown of Gillette and he knows about coal miners and ranchers and other people scratching out a living in this state. You're a hard-working person without health insurance. What will his half-ass plan do for you? Maybe you better not call it "half-ass," but that's what it is. Best of luck on Thursday.