Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Howard Dean urges individual action in health care reform fight

Governor Howard Dean, M.D., wrote this e-mail message to me and thousands of my closest friends:

Here's what I know: When we work together, we're unstoppable.

As my brother Jim said yesterday, the media has it wrong. The campaign for the choice of a public health insurance option will be over only if we quit or we've won. That decision is ours to make. Not the media's decision -- Not the insurance industry's decision -- It's our decision. We have the power and we're going to win.

Make no mistake, victory won't happen overnight. Just like President Obama's campaign for President, this campaign is a long haul. Congress returns in September for the final stretch to pass reform by the end of the year. We must have the resources to fuel this fight. If we raise $200,000 by Monday, we can hit back immediately. Congress will know we're not backing down in the face of pressure.

We're standing up to get the job done. CONTRIBUTE RIGHT NOW AND DELIVER THE RESOURCES TO WIN

Victory takes courage, conviction, and commitment. It takes you. The power to change America is in your hands. It always has been.

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