Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wyoming Democrats urge focus on health care reform goals

From Brianna Jones, communications director of the Wyoming Democratic Party:

As the debate over health insurance reform becomes increasingly distorted, the Wyoming Democratic Party urges people to focus on the facts about President Obama’s goals for reform.

“President Obama has always been clear that his three principles for reform are: lowering costs, guaranteeing choice and ensuring all Americans have access to quality, affordable care,” said Brianna Jones, Communications Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party. “President Obama remains committed to signing legislation that includes those three principles.”

Under President Obama’s Health Insurance Reform guarantees, everyone will benefit, even people who currently have insurance, because any legislation he signs will include these eight iron clad guarantees - guarantees which will reverse years of unfair insurance company practices:

1. No discrimination for pre-existing conditions,
2. No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, or co-pays,
3. No cost-sharing for preventive care
4. No dropping of coverage for the seriously ill,
5. No gender discrimination,
6. No annual or lifetime caps on coverage,
7. Extended coverage for young adults, and
8. Guaranteed insurance renewal.

“Health insurance reform will benefit every American and will hold insurance companies accountable and end their unfair practices,” Jones stated. “Everyone will benefit from the eight health insurance guarantees, whether you already have insurance or are one of the 47 million Americans – and the 72,566 Wyoming residents – without coverage.”

Jones said that there is a clear urgency for reform. Premiums continue to rise and more citizens and small businesses have to ask themselves if they can continue to pay for health coverage that they desperately need, she said.

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