Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hummingbirdminds answers it all for you

My friend and writing colleague Liz Roadifer from Pine Bluffs has some questions about the convention. I will attempt to answer them.

Q: What does everyone have to eat and drink at the Pepsi Center?

A: As for food, you can get gruel, either plain or with water drizzled over it. Beverages include water.

Q: Do you have access to the press room (is there a press room/area)?

A: Yes. I currently am in the Bloggers' Lounge and it is crowed with bloggers of all stripes. Some are not striped. I was near the CNN control booth and got to meet Bill Richardson. He is as tall and bearded as he is on TV. I wandered into one of the press tents (I have a press pass) and saw journalists from Japan, Mexico, Germany and New York. The Weather Channel is not here.

Q: Have you seen the guys, and gal, from The Daily Show who are working the convention, including Jon Stewart? (he's supposed to be quite short).

A: I have been looking high and low (especially low) for Jon Stewart but haven't seen him. The closest I got was a sign at the Campus Inn near University of Denver that read "Welcome Jon Stewart" in big letters and "Welcome DNC" in very small print. I used to hang out at the Campus Inn when my wife Chris and I lived in Denver and attended DU hockey games. I have been on the lookout for Samantha Bee who seems to be eternally pregnant. No sign of her yet.

Q: Does everyone get to keep the signs they hand out to wave for each speaker? (they really look good on TV).

A: I grabbed some of the signs from last night and hauled them back with me. I saw some people hauling signs away in huge black garbage bags. Wonder what they will do with them?

Liz: Can I pick you up one of those signs?

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mpage225 said...

Mike, save a sign for me and I will pick it up next month when we stop by Cheyenne. And if you see Jon Stewart, maybe he would autograph it, eh?