Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fritz Mondale drops by to see WyoDems

Thanks to LarCoDems head honcho Mike Bell for bringing in V.P. Walter Mondale yesterday to meet the Wyoming delegation.

As a younger man in 1990 in Minnesota, Mike worked to elect Mondale's son Ted to the state legislature. He and the Mondales have stayed in touch.

"Mike came in and handled volunteers and we won the election," Mondale said. "So, I told Mike to go to Wyoming and run things there."


Mr. Mondale looks great at 80. Still has a firm handshake and can make a speech.

"We live in dire times," her said. "It's real and it's now. We must act."

As a former Clinton supporter, he urged us all to get behind Sen. Obama so we can wrest control of the U.S. Government from the Bush-Cheney cabal.

"The only way that we now can support the things that Hillary supported is to get behind Obama. I worry about this country if we can't get that sorted out."

He had high praise for Obama's choice as running mate. "Obama showed what he was made of. This is the single most unambiguous step that a presidential candidate can make."

He paused to survey the room.

"I think that Jimmy Carter was brilliant."

(More laughter)

Mr. Mondale spent the better part of an hour with us, and then melted into the Colorado sunshine.

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