Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let Wyoming answer the roll call!

It's hell being the last state on the alphabetical list at a political convention.

Sen. Barack Obama was just named the Democratic Party's presidential candidate by acclamation. New Mexico (Home of a bunch of artists especially in Santa Fe!) yielded to Illinois (Home of the Valentine's Day Massacre!) which in turn yielded to New York (Home of New Yorker magazine cartoons that we don't understand!).

And who announced this?

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The delegates roared their approval. And the rest of the alphabet didn't get to answer the roll call.

That included North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Do I have all the post-New York states?

Rumor has it that the Pennsylvania governor is really mad. Our delegation is disappointed.

I vote that we secede from the Union and form our own country of states which didn't get to answer the roll call to make Sen. Obama's nomination official. Not sure what to call it. The United States of the Ignored? The Silenced Ones? The USA World Book, Nor-Wyo?

We'll think of something.


Karla said...

Mike, are you writing about this for the Casper Star or some broader audience than this blog? I think a lot of people would want to know this.

You are doing a great job! thanks

mpage225 said...

Karla, while Mike is texting from the stadium I will chime in that Mike is not affiliated with a newspaper; his is an Independent (in the best and fullest sense of the word) blog. Mike is attending the convention with the Wyoming delegation as he was selected as the official convention blogger for Wyoming. It is a well earned honor and I too am enjoying his insights as well as his heart wrenching complaints about the food.


Michael Shay said...

I'll have you know, Bob, that the most recent hot dog I had for dinner last night did wrench my heart. It will never be the same.