Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're all Dems on this bus

Driving the bus this afternoon from the Hyatt Place Hotel at the Denver Tech Center was William Fentroy from Jacksonville, Florida. We hit it off quickly because he saw my 2006 Gators' National Championship cap and then showed me his official Gator cell phone holder. Gators everywhere.

He graduated in 1986. He's originally from New Iberia, Louisiana, which also is home to fictional detective Dave Robicheaux in James Lee Burke's mystery novels.

What happened to the mills and factories around New Iberia and Martinville is not fiction. All the jobs were shipped overseas by CEOs who wanted to own as many houses as John McCain (seven, at last count). As William explained, it cost 99 cents per six-pack of underwear made at the Union Underwear (Fruit of the Loom brand) Factory. The workers were paid decent wages and thousands were employed there.

The compaany shipped all the jobs to Malaysia where they could pay the workers meager wages and it cost just a quarter for each six-pack of underwear.

"Who reaped the profits?" I asked.

"Who do you think?"

Uh oh. Even more 20,000-square-foot houses for Dick Cheney's exclusive community in Jackson Hole. Just call it the Republican Free-Market Underpants Windfall.

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mpage225 said...

Mike, damn proud of you for wearing your Gator gear. Go Gators! First game this Saturday, you can view on Yahoo video.

As Mr. Fentroy is from New Iberia, LA, ask him if he knows who Bunk Johnson is.