Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is your favorite Sen. Enzi moment?

Last night, the Laramie County Democrats grilled U.S. Senate candidate Chris Rothfuss about energy, health care, and his strategy for defeating Republican incumbent Mike Enzi.

Rothfuss said that Enzi had spent his time in the Senate "just saying yes to George Bush" and the asked: "What is your favorite Sen. Enzi moment? I can't think of any."

Well, some of us Dems do have some favorable Sen. Enzi moments. That's the problem. He's a smart, likable guy with a responsive D.C. staff who shows up at events, everything from the state fair to book festivals. He buys and reads books!

But he's one of them. He votes with the Bushies almost 100 percent of the time. He supports the Iraq War, refuses to support Sen. Webb's "21st Century G.I. Bill," says that Social Security is "an entitlement program," and says that our broken health care system can be solved with free-market solutions.

"He works hard but not effectively," said Rothfuss. He emphasizes that this is "a winnable election for the Democrats." His specialty as a chemical engineer is energy, which is a big plus in the era of $4-per-gallon gas, alternative fuels, and a raging debate over coal gasification. "I've had hands-on experience with the types of energy development Wyoming will be involved in."

Wyoming is the leading exporter of energy to the rest of the U.S., he said, "but when we're in D.C., we sit back and let California and Texas tell us what to do. Wyoming needs a strong voice on energy. This is how I see the delineation between me and Sen. Enzi."

More about Rothfuss vs. Enzi in future posts.

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