Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Wyoming super-delegates for Obama

The Casper Star-Tribune and the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle both carried stories today that Sen. Barack Obama had picked up his fifth super-delegate from the state. Nancy Drummond, vice chair of the state party, announced Tuesday that she'll throw her support behind Obama.

On Monday, I posted news that three super-delegates had announced publicly their support for Obama. I'm not sure whom I missed. It's either Rep. Patrick Goggles or State Committeewoman Cynthia Nunley. I'll check this out and get back to you tomorrow with all the names. If it is five supers that have declared for Obama, that gives him a 12-5 delegate advantage over Sen. Hillary Clinton.

What will the last three state contests bring? More Obama delegates. Will Florida and Michigan get half-votes for their delegates, as rumored by the media today?

Every delegate counts....

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Queers United said...

44 more super delegates to go as of this morning!