Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great idea: debates in all 23 Wyo. counties

Cynthia Lummis, a Republican U.S. House candidate from Laramie County, wants to debate her Repub opponents in all 23 Wyoming counties before the Aug. 19 primary election. This comes from a story in today’s Casper Star-Tribune.

She would go toe-to-toe against the other three announced candidates: Mark Gordon, a Sheridan County rancher; Bill Winney of Bondurant; and Dr. Michael Holland of Green River.

Said Lummis:

"We want to heighten awareness of Republican issues and Republican races... All the attention lately has been on the Democratic presidential race, and we want to shift the emphasis, at least here in Wyoming, to another very competitive race, which is the Republican U.S. House race."

Very funny. "Heighten awareness of Republican issues" in a state where Repub voters outnumber Dems two-to-one and control the State Legislature and four of five elected offices.

If she clinches the primary, I hope that Ms. Lummis will also agree to debate Gary Trauner, the probable Democratic Party candidate for Barbara Cubin’s old U.S. House seat. Maybe those debates could raise issues that are important to ALL Wyomingites.

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