Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Political mail rolling in

The political mail is elbowing the bills out of my mailbox. That's fine by me. Today I received campaign letters from The Committee to Elect Nick Carter for U.S. Senate. Carter is running against Dr. John Barrasso and I plan on voting for the Gillette Democrat.

But Keith Goodenough of Casper also wants the Barrasso seat. He calls himself a "Democratic party-builder since 1984, the first year I placed my name on the ballot as a Wyoming Democrat." Back in those dark days, they'd run you out of town if they knew your Liberal leanings. These days, it's a little bit safer in Cheyenne and maybe even in Casper, although Goodenough notes that "Natrona County is not a hotbed of liberalism." And it's the place where Dick Cheney grew up and went to high school. Goodenough writes an e-mail newsletter that it informative and quirky, not necessarily in that order.

Carter and Goodenough and some others will face off in the August primary.

Tim Kingston sent a letter asking for my support as an Obama delegate to the national convention. He's past-chairman of the Laramie County Democrats and has been the state platform chair for the past twelve years. I admire anyone who takes on the platform chores.

Other Obama delegates seeking my support for the big bash in Denver include my state representative, Lori Millin, and current county chairman Mike Bell. Cynthia Nunley asked for my vote in her re-election at national committeewoman for Wyoming. Laramie's Chris Rothfuss, who's running against our other Republican U.S. Senator, Mike Enzi, sent me an e-mail seeking support and a contribution. And Tony Reyes wants my support in his run for House District No. 9, although I'm in a different district. Maybe I'll have to move before August.

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