Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cheyenne curbside recycling a step closer

Can you find Earth Day cards among this spring's Mother's Day and "Happy Graduation" cards? I should have checked our local grocery store when I was there last night buying emergency supplies of Ben & Jerry's. Earth Day cards are a great idea for no other reason than they could be sent to Republican relatives. Nay, you say, even Republicans are earth-friendly in the 21st century. John McCain has an environmental platform. Poppycock, say I, recalling how Our Current President has spent his time. When he's not waging war on Iraqis and clearing brush on his Crawford ranch, he's waging war on the environment. Lately he's mumbled something about climate change actually existing, but we are so used to him talking out of both sides of his mouth that we don't pay attention any more.

On the local scene, the City of Cheyenne is one step closer to curbside recycling. The City Council's Finance Committee voted unanimously yesterday to buy a truck (from Canada) outfitted for recycling. Later this spring, the full council will be voting on buying the truck and approving the $1.4 million curbside recycling program. There's already a pilot program in the Sun Valley neighborhood that has been wildly successful. The city's been picking up 10 tons of recyclables from the area every other week. According to this morning Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, that means that about one-third of the trash generated in Sun Valley stays out of the landfill, which is so close to reaching capacity that some of our trash is being trucked to a landfill near Ault, Colo. Even recycling naysayers have to be concerned about that.

City officials say that the big blue recycling bins will remain at three locations around town. I visit the ones at my local Albertson's parking lot once a week. I'm always impressed by how many people of all ages are there, recycling their Diet Coke cans, Bud bottles and copies of the daily paper. Most of the time, the bins are full before the trucks get around to picking up the stuff. But that's progress.

Celebrate Earth Day by doing something earth friendly. That could be replacing your light bulbs, riding your bike to work, or donating money to Democrats running for Congress and the presidency.

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