Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nick Carter cranking up Senate campaign

Nick Carter sent out e-mails recently asking for donations and volunteers. He's the Democratic Party candidate for Republican John Barrasso's Senate seat. He's from Gillette, as is the case with Wyoming's other Republican senator, Mike Enzi. Enzi has not officially announced his run for re-election.

Here are some excerpts from Nick's e-mail appeal:

The people of Wyoming need an advocate in the U.S. Senate. We can not afford any more rubber stamp, party-line-no-matter-what politics from our U.S. Senator.

What if you could have an advocate in the U.S. Senate? An advocate working on the problems and solutions important to you and your family?

You can. I will be that advocate for you and all the citizens of our great state - with your help.

As your advocate in the U.S. Senate, I will:
* Work to provide health care for all citizens at an affordable price
* Bring the Iraq War to an honorable end, get our troops out of harm's way
and rein in the enormous cost to us, our children and grandchildren
* Work to bring down the price of gas, utilities and groceries
* Make Wyoming the leader in current energy and new, cleaner sources

As an attorney in Gillette, I have been an advocate for many, many Wyoming citizens over the past 17 years. A United States Senator should be the ultimate advocate for all the people of Wyoming. I will be that advocate with your help.

Your donation of any size, whatever you can afford, will allow me to run an effective, competitive campaign for the U.S. Senate. I want donations from Wyoming people, like you, to combat the effects of the big donations from pharmaceutical, insurance and other PACs who lavish money on my opponent.

Please take two minutes to CLICK HERE and make a secure contribution to my campaign.

(I also need your help as a volunteer for my campaign. You can volunteer here.)

The candidate makes some sound proposals. I wish his statement about Iraq was stronger. We should get out NOW, which would get our troops out of harm's way and rein in costs. All those billions could be spent at home to cover health care for all, development of clean energy sources, student loans, etc. Events have proved that the "Get out of Iraq now" crowd was correct all along.

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