Thursday, February 23, 2017

Healthcare march and forum set for Feb. 25 in Cheyenne

How many marches, rallies and rabble-rousing events can one be expected to attend before collapsing in a heap?

That's what people are asking themselves. In normal times, exhaustion already would have settled in. But these are abnormal times. Protests seem to have a bigger impact than just getting on the phone to your elected reps or mailing them a postcard. Trump got to the White House via the adulation of crowds. He will be ushered out of the White House the same way. So, here are a few more ways for concerned citizens to gather together to stump Trumpism which is a mean-spirited, destructive philosophy that will ruin our country.

Healthcare march on Saturday, Feb. 25, 10 a.m., Depot Plaza in downtown Cheyenne, 16th St. and Capitol Ave. Free. Bring a sign. FMI:

Save the Affordable Care Act forum on Saturday, Feb. 25, 3-6 p.m., at the Laramie County Public Library, 2200 Warren Ave., downtown Cheyenne. Free. FMI:

Here's a short description:
Do you want to know what is included in the Affordable Care Act? Are you worried about having health insurance for you or your family? Would you like more information about the Affordable Care Act? Are you wondering what "pre-existing conditions" means? Do you have children covered on your health insurance who are young adults? Come and find out these details & more!
Refreshments will be served.

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