Saturday, May 17, 2014

You have to be a little bit wonky to enjoy platform debate

You have to be a little bit wonky to like the debate over a party platform.

I'm a little bit wonky.

But I have to hand it to the platform committee who met for eight hours yesterday in a windowless, airless hotel room to combine all of the county platforms. How they survived eight hours without air is a question for another day. They may have been revived by happy hour.

The platform is important in stating what the Democrats actually support. Workers' rights, free speech, a living wage, social justice, science education, voting rights, renewable energy, the future, unfettered humor, etc.

We heard today that the Republican platform is 52 pages. Takes a lot of paper to tell the litany of what you're against. "You darn kids stay off of my lawn!" Takes a lot less space to state what you're for. The Dem platform is eight pages. That was before we Dems engaged in this afternoon's wordsmithing.

The revised platform will soon be accessible on the Wyoming Democratic Party web site. The draft is up there now.

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