Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New York Times wades into Wyoming's battle over science standards

The Sunday New York Times had a good article about Wyoming's ongoing wrangle over science standards. It was fair and balanced in the old-fashioned meaning of fair and balanced -- used without air quotes or on Fox News.

It featured a photo of our refinery, which is less than picturesque on its best days, and another photo of a young student getting off a rural school bus on a rainy day. But the main photo showed Roger Spears, science coordinator for the school district in Yoder (pop. 155) in Land o' Goshen County. He was teaching a lesson to some kids at Southeast Elementary. He was dressed in a tie-dyed lab coat. He looked as if he was having fun and so did the kids. Mr. Spears likes teaching and he believes in science, which is why his school district adopted the standards that we're now arguing about.

Go read it at the New York Times site.

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