Sunday, January 19, 2014

Such a huge ocean and such a small beach

We watched the trucks pour sand on Melbourne Beach. Truck after truck dumped their loads and returned for more.

"Where does all of that sand come from?" Chris asked.

"They may be dredging it from the ocean," I guessed.

The sand poured in. A grader pushed it into long piles against the dunes.

I looked out at the ocean from the sixth floor of the Double Tree. Compared the thin strand of beach with the wide swath of the Atlantic Ocean. Every few seconds, a wave broke on the shore, carrying with it grains of sands and taking away grains of sand. Many poems have been written about the relentless nature of the ocean's actions. I can't think of any right now because I lack coffee and my blood has no rhythm. 

You wonder how long this process takes, from dumping the sand, to the waves eating it away to the dredging of the sand and the replacing the sand for the gamboling tourists.

My brother Tim found out that the cost of the replenishment will be around $22 million.

Wonder how many times it will have to be done as global warming raises the sea levels and bigger and meaner storms batter the coast.

More sand!

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