Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday morning round-up

It's still winter here in southeast Wyoming.

It won't officially be winter until the solstice arrives on Dec. 21, which is still a few weeks off. But this late-fall cold snap feels like winter. Cheyenne saw some record low temps this past week. Minus 13 on Wednesday with a high temp below zero. It was only a little better the rest of the week. Our two American-made cars started right up every morning. I had to drag the gloves out of storage lest my delicate artistic fingers get frostbitten as I cleared the car windows. Weird how you look at those gloves and scarves and boots during the summer and say let's put these away, winter's a long way off. And, suddenly, it's winter (or late-fall) and you can't remember where you put the darn things.

Bill Sniffin recommended buying Wyoming books for Christmas in today's column syndicated in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. C.J. Box and Craig Johnson led the list, followed by Nina McConigley's "Cowboys and East Indians" with its intriguing short stories and cover photo of a roadside motel sign in Cheyenne. He recently bought some books by cowboy romance writer Joanne Kennedy. He referred to them as "bodice rippers." I must caution Bill that this term is not beloved among romance writers. While it is true that some romance book covers feature damsels in distress who may or may not be at risk of having their bodices ripped by some dashing hero, that stereotype no longer applies to the complicated world of romance. In Joanne's books, there is nary a bodice to be seen, as Joanne's heroines are thoroughly modern creations. All of her covers feature a hunky contemporary cowboy who, according to her husband Ken, bear a striking resemblance to him. As far as I know, Ken never has worn a bodice. Word to the wise, Bill -- watch your labels when describing books written by romance writers. They can hold a grudge. You may end up as the model for the slimy villain in the next book.

The Democrats are assembling on Thursday, Dec. 12, 6 p.m., for a Drinking Liberally gathering at 3439 Essex Rd. in Cheyenne. The Laramie County Democrats will be collecting presents for two less fortunate families. (BYOB/BYOP -- Bring Your Own Booze/Presents). Big thanks to Wendy Soto for hosting this event. BTW, Drinking Liberally is a national movement that promotes the idea that Liberals need to get together occasionally to talk politics over a beer or other favorite beverage. To RSVP for the Dec. 12 event, go here

Also on Thursday is the last Art Design and Dine event until spring. AD&D is Cheyenne's art walk, held every second Thursday, 5-8 p.m., April through December. Interesting group of entities hosting events this week. Check out the work by the Cheyenne Camera Club at the Nagle Warren Mansion downtown. See the complete list of shows at

Lots of arts-related holiday events still on the schedule. Find a list at Arts Cheyenne

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