Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday wrap-up: How does your blog, story or garden grow?

Sunday weekend wrap-up...

My fellow WYO prog-blogger and author Rodger McDaniel will be a guest on MSNBC's morning show tomorrow. He'll be talking about his new book, Dying for Joe McCarthy's Sins The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt. A
s he said on Facebook earlier today:
Hope you get up early in the morning to watch me on Chuck Todd's show between 7 and 8 a.m. Wyoming time.
We'll be up and watching, Rodger. And congrats.
I spent my weekend at the Wyoming Writers, Inc., conference in Laramie. It was great seeing old friends and hearing good writing and publishing advice from novelist Margaret Coel and agents Katherine Sands and Sandra Bond. My state government colleague Chris Madson gave an inspiring opening speech. Pat Frolander of Sundance delivered a Sunday morning farewell speech from our poet laureate. This eminence gris conducted a workshop about online publishing and was pleased to see a packed house. I served as emcee for the Saturday night open mic reading and had the pleasure of serving as the spirit of Ernest Hemingway in a poem by Sheridan's Rose Hill. I'm beginning to look a bit like Papa in his Old Man and the Sea era. 
This is a supportive group of writers and poets. The org has attracted 73 new members in the last year and still growing. Go to the web site and join, and attend the 40th anniversary conference in Sheridan the first weekend in June 2014. 
My veggie garden leapt forward in my absence. The greens are greening, the beans and cukes are poking out of the sod and I have some blossoms on the squash and at least one of my tomato plants. I'm happy to be back in the Mr. Greenjeans biz. Wish me luck for a warm and hail-free summer. Photos coming soon...
Speaking of gardening, the Tuesday Farmers' Market returns to Cheyenne on Tuesday (of course), June 11, but at a new location located in the parking lot just west of Sears at Frontier Mall. This is the third location of the TFM since its founding in 2004. But don't let that throw you. It's a great mix of vendors offering grass-fed beef, handmade breads, BBQ, and arts and crafts. Later on, it will have lots of local veggies and fruits. Eat Locally!

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