Thursday, June 06, 2013

Promoting righteous justice -- and Rage Against the Machine

Chris Hendrichsen ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012. In Wyoming, that takes chutzpah and a dash of foolhardiness. A gallant effort, but he lost. I've posted often about Wyoming's overwhelming Republican majority. I've also posted often about Democratic candidates tilting at windmills. They do win sometimes. I've witnessed two Democratic governors and quite a few legislators, most of them from Laramie, Albany, Teton and -- until recently -- Sweetwater counties. Democrats allegedly have been sighted in Natrona County but voters there tend to elect wackos to the legislature. Nice city, Casper, but Dems don't get elected there.

Chris is from Casper. I think he's moving out-of-state soon. He writes a good blog and blogs under "Approaching Justice" on Patheos: "Hosting the conversation on faith."

Chris describes himself this way:
I am a political philosopher and a political scientist. I am a devout Mormon as well as a committed egalitarian liberal. These two categories might appear to be a paradox. That paradox is me.
On Facebook, Chris referred to a post about righteous anger (May 5) which I read and really liked. It also featured a topical Rage Against the Machine video. He refers to Rage's Zack De La Rocha as a prophet, and this Christian agrees. Tom Morello is pretty righteous on that guitar of his too. The post also got some interesting comments on Patheos, most disagreeing with Chris. Read it and the comments.

Chris, we'll miss you here in Deep Red Wyo, but keep on posting.

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