Sunday, June 10, 2012

In memoriam: Colorado writer Ed Quillen

Freelance journalist Ed Quillen died at 61 last Sunday in Salida, Colo., a place he put on the map with his humorous, curmudgeonly columns. For decades, his columns were a must-read for me. His final piece was in the June 6 Denver Post and focused on Colorado’s rep as “home of the Red Scare,” a tradition that goes back to the 1870s, with the labeling of Utes as “indigenous communists” who must go. Big Bill Haywood and other union leaders got the commie label later and now we have the Denver Republican Party inviting Fla. Repub Rep. Allen West to speak about modern-day commies in the ranks of the Democrats. Who’s a Colorado commie in Congress? Rep. Jared Polis, millionaire entrepreneur turned public servant. Ed, We are going to miss you! Read his final column at Read his obit at

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