Saturday, June 09, 2012

Democratic candidates drop in on Cheyenne Pride Day festivities

Lee Filer, candidate for Wyoming HD12
Two new Democratic Party candidates for the Wyoming State Legislature attended today's Cheyenne Pride Day picnic at Lions Park. Lee Filer is running in House District 12 and Gary Datus is running in HD 42. Both are newbies. Lee is a hard-working family man -- he's a railroader and a member of the Air National Guard -- and he's fired up to take on the Republican contenders still in the race (incumbent Amy Edmonds chose not to run). He's only 32, which makes him several decades younger than the average Wyoming House member. As a Dem and a Gen Y guy, he would automatically add to the diversity of the Legislature. Gary Datus was in education for 42 years, 27 of them as principal of Triumph H.S., Johnson Junior High, and others. Gary would be a good guy to have in the fight. Judging by their performance during the past two legislative sessions, Extremist Republicans have a low regard for publicly-funded educators -- publicly-funded anybody.

Incumbent Dems Mary Throne and Jim Byrd also spoke at the picnic, which is sponsored by Wyoming Equality. Jim Byrd spoke about the face that WE represents the kind of equality that he thinks the Equality State is all about -- equal right for everyone. He also pointed out that at least five House races in 2010 were decided by 20 votes or less. So get out there and vote, people!

And remember that Wyoming Equality is holding a dance and fund-raiser starting at 8 tonight at Suite 1901 in downtown Cheyenne. Tix are $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

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