Sunday, April 29, 2012

Local blogger interviews Wyoming author Craig Johnson about his books and upcoming "Longmire" A&E series

Craig Johnson's latest
Walt Longmire mystery
 debuts May 15.
Cheyenne writer Karen Cotton interviewed Ucross, Wyoming, mystery writer Craig Johnson ("The Cold Dish," "Another Man's Moccasins") for a story on her new blog. She got some great quotes. Here's one with Craig describing his ongoing main character, Absoraka County Sheriff Walt Longmire:
“I was looking for an individual that would be emblematic of the American West, but still complex enough to be compelling to readers,” Johnson said. “Walt is, what I refer to as, a detective for the disenfranchised; he cares about the cases that no one else does. He’s an elected official that’s responsible to his community and I like that better than the ‘lone-wolf’ style characters that kills forty people before the book is over. Walt is a little ‘over’—over age, over weight, overly depressed, and facing a lot of the things that the readers face every day and I think that keeps him real.”
The sheriff (portrayed by actor Robert Taylor) will star in a new TV series on A&E, "Longmire." It debuts June 3.

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