Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Randall Terry isn't a "bona fide Democrat" so can't claim any Wyoming delegates

This man ain't bona fide
Democrats may hear a strange name being batted around during the April 14 county caucuses.

According to the Casper Star-Tribune, anti-abortion zealot and wingnut Republican Randall Terry is trying to get 1,000 Wyoming Republicans to register as Democrats next month in the state Democratic caucuses and vote for him in a guerrilla campaign to oust President Barack Obama.

The Wyoming county parties will hold conventions on April 14 to elect delegates to the state convention. Those people will be vying for a spot in Wyoming’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in September in Charlotte, N.C.

Wyoming Democratic Party Executive Director Robin Van Ausdall said Terry has filed the necessary letter for participation in the Democratic caucus and will be allowed to make speeches, but he will not collect any delegates. “We’re instructing our counties to not award delegates to him,” she said Monday, noting Terry is not a bona fide Democratic candidate.

On March 6, Terry’s weird campaign received a boost when he won 18 percent of the vote in Oklahoma’s Democratic presidential primary. Last week, in a move similar to what Wyoming party officials have planned, Oklahoma party officials said they wouldn’t give Terry his share of delegates because he didn’t follow the required procedures and because he’s not a bona fide Democrat.

Terry complained he was the victim of “political insider trading.”

But he did get plenty of media attention. On Monday in Casper, he described the fallout from Oklahoma as “rage from the [Democratic National Committee], excitement from the pro-life community, awe from the press.” He labeled the vote a “disaster for a sitting president.”

Terry recently qualified for next month’s Alaska caucus, but Kansas Democratic Party officials banned him from their state’s caucus. Terry told the Wichita Eagle he will go to court to challenge the Kansas decision. Kansas Democratic Party attorney Joe Sandler told the Wichita Eagle that Terry failed to meet two mandatory deadlines. In addition, Sandler said, Terry “is not a bona fide Democrat, as determined by his actions.”

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