Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Republicans attempt to "piratize" special education

Excellent post by AnnieJo at Daily Kos on "Piratizing Special Education in Wisconsin." You don't have to be a Wisconsin parent of a special needs child to realize the problem behind legislation such as AB110. In fact, if you live in states with Republican legislative majorities, you soon will be seeing this type of bill.
So what does AB110 propose? Chip away further at the public schools by letting the funding flow to the private schools... who aren't required to abide by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act!  Yes, that's part of the con.  As outlined in an excellent piece by Disability Rights Wisconsin, called Special Needs Scholarships: Myths and Facts about AB110, "AB110 does not even require that private schools which accept special needs scholarships have a single special education teacher or therapist on staff!"   Further, "using a special needs voucher to attend private school means that parents and children give up ALL their state and federal rights to special education."

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