Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Move! program gets kids up and moving and creating and eating healthy food

Having fun at the Manhattan Children's Museum

This new program sounds fun and educational -- with emphasis on the fun. Kids who take part in activities that promote healthy local foods and artistic movement and creativity (and creating) will be better prepared for the challenges they will inherit from their elders. And less likely to believe that the local food movement is a Commie plot. They also may get the strange idea that public-funded entities (That Darn Gubment!) such as museums and libraries are essential to their community’s well-being. We can hope. And support innovative projects such as Let’s Move!

This blog post comes from Susan Hildreth, director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services:
The space shuttle wasn’t the only launch in Houston last week! At a meeting with thousands of museum professionals I had the great honor of joining First Lady Michelle Obama as we launched Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens
 Speaking via video message to attendees of the Association of Children’s Museums and American Association of Museums Annual Meetings, Mrs. Obama said, “Everyday, in museums, public gardens, zoos, and so many other places, you expose our children to new ideas and inspire them to stretch their imaginations. You teach them new skills and new ways of thinking.  And you instill a love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 
Every day, you all make such a difference in the lives of our children. And that’s why I’m so excited to work with you on an issue that is so critical to their health and well-being.”  
The national initiative, coordinated by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, will provide opportunities for millions of museum and garden visitors to learn about healthy food choices and physical activity through interactive exhibits and programs. 
Museums and gardens are eager to do their part in making a difference. Many of them have core missions that focus on creating healthy environments for children and their families.
Let’s Move! Museums & Gardens will focus on interactive exhibits, afterschool, summer programming and food service that help young people to make healthy food choices and be physically active.

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