Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Speaking of short stories -- return of Mrs. P

Here are the opening paragraphs of my story included in the new Coffee House Press anthology, Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams:

The Problem with Mrs. P

First problem: nobody was home to help. Not her two daughters, off to school. Not her husband Robbie, who hadn’t been home for weeks, probably right this minute at that whore Gloria’s house.

Second problem: she was seven months pregnant and bleeding like crazy. She pressed a cream-colored towel against her crotch; it bloomed with a red chrysanthemum of her own blood. She stood in the bathroom doorway, eyes sparking, knees shaking.

Third problem: her damn husband had the car. Not that she was in any shape to make the seven-mile drive into Cheyenne, ten if you factored in the hospital which was downtown.

Fourth problem: the telephone was dead, thanks to Robbie not paying the bills like he was supposed to. She had her own prepaid cell phone with a few minutes still left on it. But it was downstairs on the kitchen table. Just the thought of negotiating the stairs brought a throbbing to her abdomen.

Fifth problem, or maybe it was the first: she and her baby boy might be dying.

To be continued...

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mpage225 said...


As I have told you before, Mrs. P is one of my favorites. I am picturing the Chugwater Road exit as I type.