Friday, September 03, 2010

What the poem "The Hurt Locker" sounds like

I read Here, Bullet from Iraq War vet Brian Turner when it first came out. He has a new book and I will buy and read that too.

The Poetry Foundation web site posted a video of Brian reading "The Hurt Locker." Here's the narrative from that post:
Brian Turner’s “The Hurt Locker” started as a poem and ended as a Hollywood blockbuster. In his latest collection, Phantom Noise, the poet-soldier continues to explores the contradictions of war and the battles he fights long after returning home. Read a review by Courtney Cook at the Washington Post:

In his new collection, “Phantom Noise,” Turner is the same soldier, with the same keen eye, but he is even more battle-weary. Taken together, these books are an unusual two-part portrait of a decade of war: its strength, its wounds, its fantasies of home and, as it happens, the strange beauty of a stubbornly foreign culture. Taken alone, “Phantom Noise” is an unsettling plunge into a returned soldier’s dislocation. Through images that recur again and again, from Iraq to a podium in Colorado, from a field hospital to a pristine day on Puget Sound, we go deep inside this soldier’s relief, grief and alienation.

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