Friday, June 04, 2010

Hallucinating on the road to Cody, WY ("Visions of Cody?")

Arrived in Cody yesterday as the sun set. We traveled in a caravan from Cheyenne. Seven-hour trip. Gorgeous scenery. The clouds were playing tricks with us, high-altitude winds carving them into a shark, the number two, a wagon pulled by a kid and -- according to my women traveling companions -- schlongs. Over beers, they also spoke of phallic rock formations. Perhaps seven hours on the road brings on hallucinations?

I didn't see any of the latter. One cloud looked like a Titan 3C rocket, another like a giant squid. But I was driving and had very little interest in cloud gazing which might cause me to drive into a shapely rock formation. And I was involved in listening to a book on CD, "The Spies of Warsaw" by Alan Furst. Read several of Furst's books but never listened to one. The reader (must get his name) has great facility for voices, delineating them with just a change in pitch or a bit of an accent. This is the unabridged version, but I may many more miles to go on this trip and will be able to finish this one and maybe another.

"The Schlongs of Wyoming." Enough of that...

The Wyoming Writers, Inc., board meets this morning to talk about budgets, last-minute conference details, elections and all those boring but crucial board details. The conference has a great line-up this year and it will be an exciting weekend.

More conference posts later....

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