Saturday, April 10, 2010

Local community college stimulated by gubment

I am a graduate of -- and a fan of -- community colleges. They were called junior colleges back in my day due to the fact that they were considered junior partners to four-year colleges. Farm teams, if you will. The place where second- and third- and even fourth-stringers went to brush up on their math and grammar and chemistry before they could consort with their high-SAT-scores brethren and sistren.

Community colleges are now cool. Witness the cool new sitcom "Community" on NBC (with Chevy Chase, no less). Pres. Obama is almost as excited about community colleges as he is about health care reform and NCAA men's basketball bracketology.

I think he picked Kansas as national champ. He's not always dead-on.

Our local community college has received some stimulus funds from the gubment. Here's what the Associated Press reported yesterday:

Laramie County Community College officials say the Cheyenne school is receiving about $5.3 million in federal stimulus funds to contribute to its upcoming budget.

Vice President of Administration and Finance Carol Hoglund says the college will get $2.2 million in stimulus money to help with salaries and costs of enrollment growth. The school will also receive $3.15 million in stimulus money for major maintenance needs.

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