Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glennbeckistan casts its fundie eyes on Wyoming

Why is Glenn Beck casting his crazy eyes at the southwest corner of Wyoming?

Could it be that one of the Republican Party candidates for Wyoming Governor is right-winger and potential Tea Partier Ron Micheli from Uinta County? Is it a coincidence that southwest Wyoming once was part of Utah Territory until it was taken away in punishment for LDS polygamy?

Methinks that Ron Micheli is a card-carrying member of Glennbeckistan.

For more info on this strange and amazing country, go to Chip Ward's article on truthout at


ravenwind said...

Ok, what can you tell me about this:

"Arizona and Wyoming lawmakers are considering nearly a half dozen pro-gun measures, including one that would allow residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit."

If this were passed in WY, I would be loudly letting the legis. and the Dem Gov know that I would never visit or even travel through the state again! At 71, I've managed just fine without a gun, and without being put in danger by any guntotin' yahoo with no training and no permit. That includes the 18 years that I lived in WY.

Good grief! The insanity of the times in which we live.

Michael Shay said...

Good question. Some of the more bizarre measures in front of this year's legislature were rejected. I'll have to check on this one.

I'm with you -- I've gone almost 60 years without a gun and I've lived in some of the big gun-totin' states in this nation. That includes Wyoming, Colorado, north Florida and South Carolina. The Wild West and the South. I'm O.K. with people owning guns. But laws like this one bring the yahoos out of the woodwork.

Bri said...

Ravenwind - I'm not sure if you got an answer from Mike already, if not...

It is true that there was a measure in the Wyoming legislature to abolish the need for a license in order to carry a concealed weapon. It was brought by Rep. Lorraine Quarberg. The measure passed the WY House with a number of stipulations that people with substance abuse problems or people under a certain age (I think 18) would not be able to carry concealed weapons. The measure ultimately died in the WY Senate.

Interestingly another bill patterned after a Montana law did end up passing. It is called the "Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act" and was brought by Rep. Jaggi. What the bill essentially says is that any firearm made, kept, and used solely in Wyoming is not subject to federal regulation. I do know the Montana law is now in federal court, but am not familiar with the particulars.

If you want more specifics I have lots of notes that I kept from the legislative session that I would be happy to share!

Michael Shay said...

Thanks Bri. I got lost amongst all the gun legislation. And attempts to block health care reform. And Code of the West bills.