Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Check out Bill Ayers' letter on Meg's blog

Meg Lanker, Laramie rabble-rouser and radio personality, printed a letter from activist Bill Ayers on her blog, http://www.wyomingnewsunderground.com/2010/04/doublespeak-at-university-of-wyoming.html.

This was in response to his invitation and then disinvitation to speak at the University of Wyoming. It's a long letter so I won't reprint it here. But I welcome you to read it and then spread it far and wide like tumbleweeds of truth unleashed by a righteous Wyoming cyclone of social justice.


Meg Lanker said...

Thanks much, sir!

bigfrank said...

While everyone has the right to free speech the voice of the majority that pays the bills for UW won out. You know more than anyone this is a blind republican state and what ever the party says is law. I am fine with the public giving their free speech on saying no to this guy but instead of crying about it find someone else to host him so he can still give his talk.

Michael Shay said...

The firestorm of criticism against Ayers came from outside agitators, Tea Partiers from Oklahoma and Alabama. Remember that term, bigfrank -- outside agitators? During the sixties, troublemakers were always from somewhere else, or so said college administrators and Spiro Agnew and Mayor Daley. But the complaints that swayed the UW administration in the Ayers' case came from big right-wing donors from WYO. Can't ingore those old farts, can we?