Friday, March 05, 2010

Book launch party of the week: "Cowboy Trouble" by Joanne Kennedy

Here's my writing group pal Joanne Kennedy as she got ready to sign books March 2 at the launch party for her first novel, "Cowboy Trouble." The Cheyenne Barnes & Noble sold lots of books (five to the Shay family) and Joanne signed them all. A good time was had by, especially when we bugged out of B&N to Uncle Charlie's where we drank beer and ate wings and listened to music by Todd Dereemer and his band. Get "Cowboy Trouble" at your local bookstore. Get more info about Joanne and her work at

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Thanks, Mike! I was so glad you and Chris and Annie could come. Nothing like celebrating a milestone with friends. Lots of friends! And Todd was terrific.