Saturday, December 26, 2009

The best and worst of everything in 2009

Not going to join the cavalcades of "best of" and "top ten" or "worst of" lists for 2009.

I'm going to steal from others.

Best politically-themed list from a prog-blogger is "The 50 Assclowns of 2009" at Guess who's number one? Hint: He started his long political journey in Wyoming.

In a rare bone thrown to conservatives, here is the list of the worst liberals of 2009 according to the stonecipher report blog (penned by two liberal radio personalities in Chicago):

Roger Ebert rates the top ten films in mainstream and indie categories at

This is a great one: Jenny Shank at New West has a list of funniest passages from 2009 books. Go to

Top ten 2009 Wyoming stories can be found at Not making the list is last summer's cross-border incursion by Colorado liberals and the outing of former state rep Dick Cheney. Surprised?

Best quotes of 2009? Thought you'd never ask. Yale University Librarian Fred Shapiro compiled a cool year-end list that includes a teabagger, Sarah Palin and an actual real hero. Go to

Finally, Brit psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker makes his predictions for 2010. Among other things, quantum physicists will find a way to make energy from water and a celebrity will be cloned. Read the rest at

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