Saturday, November 14, 2009

Montana progressive org hiring director

This comes from the always-alert jhwygirl at 4&20 blackbirds

Forward Montana (FMT), a homegrown organization dedicated to training, mobilizing, and electing a new generation of progressive leaders based in Missoula, Montana, and Forward Montana Foundation, dedicated to engaging young Montanans in civic life, seek an energetic Managing Director to manage and grow the organizations. The Managing Director will work closely with the boards of directors as well as staff to achieve the organizations' financial and programmatic goals. The Managing Director will report to the Chief Executive Officer and work closely with the Board of Directors.

Deadline is Dec. 7. Go to

Wyoming progressives, feeling lonely and forlorn, have been known to migrate north to Missoula for various forms of liberal-minded employment and/or education (just ask jhwygirl and Left in the West's Matt Singer). We hate to lose you, WyoProgs, but duty calls. Don't forget to write (or blog or twitter or FB)!

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