Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cheney/Palin in 2012? How about Palin/Cheney?

The talking heads were having fun this morning over at Fixed News Sunday. Did I watch it? No. I was working on my own fiction in the form of a new book of short stories. I prefer fiction that comes out of my head (and heart) to that manufactured by Fixed News.

But Crooks & Liars reports that Liz Cheney was pumping up the volume for a return of her pops to the political scene.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Liz Cheney dropped the former vice president's name as the panel was discussing President Barack Obama's decision to respect the Japanese Emperor by bowing during a formal greeting.

Fox News felt compelled to cover Obama bow to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko after conservative blogs attacked the president. "Sarah Palin would not have bowed to the Emperor of Japan. She wouldn't have even curtsied to him," said Bill Kristol.

But for Liz Cheney, Palin wasn't the only answer to replacing a president that would dare to pay respect to a foreign leader. "You can look at the comparison and think Cheney 2012," teased Cheney. It wasn't clear if Dick Cheney's daughter was joking but the Fox panel seemed warm to the idea.

"That's all I'm going to say," she said.

Kristol, who has long been an advocate for Sarah Palin, had an even better idea. Cheney/Palin," he suggested.

"Or Palin/Cheney. Don't be sexist," replied Chris Wallace.

Ha ha! A Fixed News reporter trying to be politically correct. That's a news item in itself.

But ponder the reality of a presidential ticket featuring the Wyoming-bred Lord of Darkness and the Idaho-bred and Alaska-trained Rouge Rogue. Yes, the mind reels. It would be a wonderful gift to us Democrats, and it might even help us elect some Wyoming Dems. Oh boy, I keep cracking myself up. Elect Wyoming Dems to national office? I suppose it could happen. But if a smart and savvy Dem entrepreneur such as Gary Trauner can't even beat the likes of the GOP's Cynthia Lummis in 2008, what chance do other candidates have?

I keep wondering if Dick Cheney can do more damage as president than he did as Veep. What do you think?

A president with ties to Casper and Jackson could bring some much-needed economic development to Wyoming. In the last year of the Bush Administration, Cheney and his oily cohorts spent a lot of time approving energy leases in the western half of the state. It doesn't seem like such a wise move now that natural gas prices are tanking, but if he could do a similar thing as president, we would no longer have to worry about wildlife and wilderness because every square inch of the state would be filled with roads and wells and poisoned prairie.

If any wild animals do survive, Sarah Palin can shoot them from helicopters. That will cut down on any excess population.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to shout it from the roof tops: "Cheney/Palin in 2012!"

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