Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Local physician sees need and steps in

From the Associated Press 11/24:

A doctor in Cheyenne says he'll open an interim free clinic to help patients that will be otherwise without care when the Cheyenne Community Clinic closes at the end of the year.

Dr. Jason Bloomberg with Access Health Care says he'll have Tuesday evening free clinics at his practice starting next year to keep patients from having a gap in treatment.

Bloomberg says he'll offer the clinics for up to six months, or until there is another provider who can offer free medical care in the region.

Murray Lou Rex is the director of the Cheyenne Community Clinic. She says it's a tremendous undertaking, and she hopes other providers will volunteer to help Bloomberg in his efforts.

Dr. Bloomberg was a Hillary Clinton delegate to the May 2008 Wyoming Democratic Convention in Jackson and was selected as a delegate to the August 2008 national convention in Denver. While his preferred candidate was not chosen, he worked hard to get out the vote for Obama.

A community-minded citizen. To read a an 8/1708 pre-c0nvention profile, go to http://hummingbirdminds.blogspot.com/2008/08/meet-dnc-delegates-jason-bloomberg.html.

Find out more about Access Health Care at http://www.accesshealthcheyenne.com/. It's located at 3100 Henderson Dr., Cheyenne. Call 307-426-4673.

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