Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the trenches with Dick "5 Deferments" Cheney

Casper's Dick "Five Vietnam War Draft Deferments" Cheney knows war from the grunt's P.O.V. Just listen as he speaks on right-wing radio:

I worry that there’s a lack of understanding there of what this means from the perspective of the troops. You know, if you’re out there on the line day in and day out and putting your life at risk on a volunteer basis for the nation, and you see the Commander in Chief unable, to or appearing to be unable, to make a decision about the way forward here — you know that raises serious doubts. Nobody wants to think of volunteering to be participate in that kind of operation.


It may in part be inexperience on Obama’s part. It may be that there’s confusion on the staff. But I’m not encouraged by it.

Think Progress shares some insights (and a clip) at http://thinkprogress.org/2009/11/24/cheney-military/

Full disclosure: I also had five draft deferments, 1968-1973, one while I was in ROTC. I never served in the active-duty military, yet I also never served as U.S.V.P. and invaded sovereign countries for bogus reasons, causing untold death and suffering.

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