Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They're all bozos on this bus

Mike Dennison of the Billings Gazette reports that a gaggle of bus-riding anti-healthcare-reform people will drop into Pres. Obama's town hall meeting in Bozeman this Friday. They will come loaded with intelligent questions about health care reform. Or maybe just loaded.

Patients First, a project of Americans for Prosperity, is organizing bus tours in 13 states to promote opposition to health-reform proposals before Congress. One of those tours had been planned in Montana this week, and organizers slightly adjusted the schedule to have a stop in Bozeman on the day of the president's visit.

Jake Eaton, a former executive director of the Montana Republican Party and coordinator of the event, said the bus tour will feature speakers opposing the reforms as a "government takeover of health care," and will stop at pre-planned rallies in several cities, from Friday through Monday.

Americans for Prosperity is a nonprofit political group that promotes conservative causes or lobbies against liberal causes. It has ties to the Koch family, which controls Koch Industries, an oil-and-gas company and one of the largest privately held firms in the country.

Who is Koch Industries and why does it fund Americans for Prosperity? Media Matters had this:

Americans For Prosperity Has Strong Connections To Koch Industries. In a post titled "Americans For Prosperity Of Koch Industries," The Wonk Room wrote: "The group isn't just funded by an industry CEO, it was planted by one. David Koch, Executive Vice-President of family-founded multi-national conglomerate Koch Industries, is a founder of AFP and a financial supporter through the family-controlled and company-financed Claude R. Lambe Foundation. Koch Industries, Inc. and its sister company, Koch Holdings, LLC, own a group of companies invested in refineries, chemicals, minerals and so on." [The Wonk Room, 7/27/08]

Google shows that Koch has holdings in Wyoming. More research is needed. Anyone know where Koch has businesses and employees in The Oil/Gas/Coal State?

Americans for Prosperity also is one of those global-warming-denying outfits. No surprise there.

Great Falls Tribune reporter John S. Adams has the president's full schedule on his blog at

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Lucky said...

Look up the Libertarian "Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment" out of Bozeman. FREE is a think tank funded by the Kochs to justify their crazy ideas.

FREE's chairman, John Baden is an ultra-conservative cuckoo global-warming-denier, who spends most of his time writing op-ed pieces with opinions like this "The Obama administration has proposals for universal coverage, surely a popular idea in a wealthy nation. Alas, its application implies serious problems, including rationing."

Most scary, they sponsor junkets for federal judges which include seminars on why law should favor industry in environmental cases.